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Bird feed: 204 + 1 leech

Despite the rain I had to get outside for my first birding since returning from the US. I stopped at Deep Creek Reserve on my way to another spot, but the birds were so fabulous I never left! I broke 200 and got my first leech.


Bird feed: Back in the US of A

Two days back in the US and I've added 10 species to my US total. This is the first time I've been back in fall since moving to Australia. Well, it was still summer by US standards as it was before the equinox, but we do things differently down under.


Bird feed: 199

I'm finally posting my sightings from the past 3 months, including a couple of birds that caught me with my pants down—literally—and number 199.


Bird feed: Round Robin

At Longneck Creek I spied a bird, but was distracted by another. At Castlereagh, I thought it a pointless trip till I saw a robin. I got fabulous pics of a Rose Robin, but it wasn't till I saw my pics from Longneck that I realised I had both a female and a male.


Bird feed: Bird in hand

Oh! how I so want to see a Rose Robin, or get a photo of a Scarlet Robin. I tried a site that is supposed to be good for them but dipped. However, I didn't come away empty handed; I added to my Thornbill list with the Buff-rumped Thornbill.

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