Thysanoptera in Australia

Recognition data

Distinguishing features

Macropterous, mainly dark brown, tergite V yellow laterally, pronotum with dark brown reticulation on anterior third; all tarsi yellow, mid and hind tibiae yellow at base and apex; fore wing dark with pale sub-basal area. Head with occipital carina close to eyes; ocellar triangle transversely reticulate; ocellar setae III lateral to triangle; two pairs of postocular setae, median pair not long and arising near posterior ocelli; postoccipital region reticulate. Pronotum anterior third boldly reticulate with faint dots internal to each reticle; blotch transversely reticulate with many dots internal to reticles, anterior angles of blotch acute. Metanotum with equiangular reticulation, with many internal dot-like markings; metasternal anterior margin with broadly V-shaped emargination. Fore wing second vein with one seta; sub-apical lobe not developed. Tergite I medially without discal or marginal microtrichia, II–VI with short microtrichiate craspedum medially; antecostal ridge interrupted medially on tergite I, dark brown on II–VII. Sternites III–VII medially with neither discal microtrichia nor marginal microtrichia.

Male not known.

Related and similar species

Relationships of this species are not clear, because the metasternum is intermediate between the two genera, Hydatothrips and Neohydatothrips.

Distribution data

Eastern Australia, but known only from two females, taken at Brisbane (Queensland) and Taree (New South Wales).

Biological data

Host plants

Not known

Life history

Not known

Taxonomic data

Current valid name

Neohydatothrips poeta (Girault)

Original name and synonyms

  • Hydatothrips poeta Girault

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